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Who Should Take A Course? 

bulletAnyone who wants to help keep their children safe, at home or anywhere else.

Anyone  wanting to obtain a License To Carry (LTC) or Firearms Identification Card (FID)  in Massachusetts.


Anyone wanting to learn about firearms in a professional, easy-paced environment.


Anyone who moved or is thinking about moving into Massachusetts.


Anyone considering the purchase of a firearm and wants an introduction or more information before they buy.


Anyone wanting to refresh in their memory what they might have learned years ago.


Anyone who purchased their first firearm and would like to learn more from a professional.


Anyone who owns a firearm in a home where there are young adults. It is imperative that your young adults be familiar with the safety issues as well as the legal issues pertaining to firearms.


Spouses or Significant Others of current LTC / FID Holders to ensure there is another licensed person in the home. You might not want to take the chance that your firearms might be confiscated if there's no licensed person in the home and an LTC / FID is delayed in renewal or not renewed.


People who want to ensure their loved ones can defend themselves in the event they are away.


Anyone who wants to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


Company Executives that are concerned about their safety.

Common Causes for Firearms Accidents

The 2 most basic causes for firearms accidents are ignorance and carelessness. You can help solve the ignorance cause by educating yourself and others about safe firearm handling and storage rules and by following them. Only people who know how they should handle and store firearms but don't can solve the carelessness cause. To read some stories about accidents and carelessness, please click on the police car.


Here's feedback from some of our attendees about our training:

"The course is an excellent way to learn gun safety. It is interactive and interesting. M. L. Fairhaven"

"I thought the course was great. I feel comfortable that I now understand the skills and responsibility required to use a firearm. W. P. Stow"

"My father and I have received the certificates, thank you again for being so prompt and courteous. I have recommended you to a few of my friends who are looking to take the course and also the police department in North Reading said they will start recommending you as well. Both of us appreciate all of your help and continued support for all of our questions.  Thank you. G. M. North Reading"

"Very professionally done. I will recommend this to everyone. Sgt. C. P. Hanscom AFB"

"It was obvious the instructor enjoyed teaching the material which made the time pass quickly. The presentation was continuous and very efficient. C. B. Brookline"

"You were a great and extremely knowledgeable instructor. You prepared me for handling guns safely and injected many different social observations about responsible gun handling in a straight forward and enlightening manner. I felt the hands on unloading and clearing exercises prepared me extremely well to handle safely almost any firearm I might encounter. M. M. Amherst"

"I particularly enjoyed the Q&A opportunity. C. E. Roslindale"

"I have been associated with firearms for >30 years and I was quite surprised at how much I learned. Great Job! R.A.W. Belmont"

"The instructor's knowledge and thorough explanation of the intricate and in depth process of gun ownership in Massachusetts was most beneficial!  N.P.P. Boston"

"The course was very comprehensive and I don't know if it can be improved. It was excellent. Hope I can remember everything. It was a great course. Everyone should take a course like this!  R.C. Watertown"

"Mike made good use of real life scenario's to relate to. The variety of guns used in demo's showing the different types of operations was the best part of the course. J. L. Westborough"

"There is no way to improve on this course. The instructor knew his material ad was good at conveying it to me. D. P. Sterling"

"This course was presented in an excellent manner. I would highly recommend this course to others. A.G. East Falmouth"

"The hands on training, visual aids, and instructor's knowledge of technical, legal, and political matters were the most beneficial areas of this course. B. O. South Boston"

"Mike's a great teacher and a pleasure to deal with! B.S. Revere"

"You conveyed a lot of material is a short amount of time. You went into a lot of detail and I really came out of this course learning a lot about firearms. C. P. Framingham"

"The presentation was clear and very informative. I felt I got a lot more than I expected. All of the information was beneficial. There was nothing superfluous here. R.B. Salem, NH"

"I thought the course was presented very well. I liked the way the course was offered in private. I think that makes people feel more comfortable and more likely to ask questions." D.A. Bradford

"The course was great. The Mass Laws are really strange but important to know.  V. L. Dedham"

"Thank you for making this such an enjoyable and educational experience. M. K. Marlborough"

"I learned a lot and found the presentation enjoyable, at times, even funny (nice jokes). M. C. Waltham"

"I just wanted to let you know that I obtained a Class A License to Carry "for all lawful purposes" from the Town of Medfield.  Thanks again for the terrific home safety course and for your helpful advice. K. N. Medfield"

"I think Mike did a great job. He made me feel at ease. Being able to see and experience everything at an easy relaxed pace with hands on training was the most beneficial area of the course. S. A. Haverhill"

"The most beneficial area of the training course was the actual handling of firearms. The course was very comprehensive in nature. T. C. Norfolk"

"Mike was caring and patient with my learning the material. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the presenter. K. S. Medford"

"I had a lot of fun in the class and will take other live fire courses from Mike. D. P. Framingham"

"The way the course was presented and low student count made it easy to learn. G.J.A. Dighton"

"My learning is done best by hands on, so being able to unload the firearms was extremely beneficial. Also, Mike's presentation was excellent in every area. He taught me a lot and made me feel confident in gun safety.  J. A. Bradford"

"Everything presented was clear, and the hands on training was a good experience. C. W. Watertown"

"Good Program. Very Professionally Presented.  Thanks for the flexible schedule. M.S. Sudbury"

"I found it to be a good course, covering a lot of material in a short time Thanks. J.P. Medway"

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Burchman.