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The content and links shown below are from www.hunter-ed.com and used by permission. Copyright Kalkomey Enterprises. These links are to some of the best training information I've found.

Hunter Ed Learning Objectives

What is a Firearm?

Basic Parts of a Firearm
Parts of a Bolt Action Rifle
Parts of a Bolt Action Rifle FLASH Interactive Diagram
Parts of a Pump Action Shotgun
Parts of a Pump Action Shotgun FLASH Interactive Diagram
Parts of a Handgun
Parts of a Handgun FLASH Interactive Diagram

What is Ammunition?

Basic Components of Ammunition including FLASH Animation
Rifle and Handgun Cartridges
Shotgun Ammunition

How a Firearm Works including FLASH Animation

How Ammunition is Fired including FLASH Animation

Common Features of Firearms

Firearm Actions
Common Actions on Rifles and Shotguns
Bolt Action including FLASH Animation
Lever Action including FLASH Animation
Pump Action
Semi-Automatic (or Autoloading) Action including FLASH Animation
Break (or Hinge) Action including FLASH Animation
Revolving Action including FLASH Animation
Safety Mechanisms

Differences Between Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns

Rifling in the Rifle or Handgun Bore
A Rifle's or Handgun's Caliber
A Shotgun's Gauge
Shotgun Choke and Shot Pattern
Pattern Spread at Various Distances


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